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Advanced Exfoliation - Hydrating $100

Facial peels that moisturize dry skin and soothes moisture-starved skin.

Advanced Exfoliation - Vitamin C $100

A rejuvenating facial peel specifically designed for repairing skin from sun damage and natural aging.

Advanced Exfoliation - TCA peels $100

Exceptional for the treatment of aging skin. acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Facials - Back Facial $120

Help with ingrown and acne-prone skin

Facials - Facial With Extractions $110

Excellent treatment for congested skin

Facials - Facial $100

An excellent treatment to balance skin tone

Facials - Microdermabrasion $100

A skincare technology consisting of spraying small crystal on to the skin and then removing them by mechanical suction along with dead skin cells