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Swedish Massage

• Mostly for relaxation
• Light stroking and kneading
• Relaxes the body and the mind
1/2 Hour $35
1 Hour $60

Deep Tissue Massage

• For clients who need more pressure
• Clients with muscle spasms, knots, tight neck, shoulders, etc
• The therapist focuses on trigger points
• Applying deep pressure on muscle belly to release muscle tension
1/2 Hour $40
1 Hour $65

Aroma Therapy

• Clients will choose different scents of essential oil
• One which is relaxing or energizing
• The aroma of essential oil will put the client into a deeply relaxing state or will energize the client after the massage
1/2 Hour $40
1 Hour $65

Sports Massage

• Depending on the sport, and when the client is playing the sport, the massage will be a little bit different
• A mixture of massage techniques, with more stretching
• Massage helps with the recovery time of athletes and performance
1/2 Hour $40
1 Hour $65


• The focus will be on feet
• Feet will be warmed up with massages and stretches
• Firm pressure will be applied to different reflex points of the feet
• Different reflex points on the feet will directly affect the different parts of the client's body
50 Mins $60

Stone Massage

• Smooth lava stones of all different sizes and shapes are heated up to a comfortable temperature
• Stones are placed on tense, tight areas of the client's body
• Hot stones will also be used by the therapist to massage the client’s whole body
• The heat of the stones will warm up muscles and increase its flexibility
80 Mins $95

Chair Massage

• The client sits on massage chair fully clothed
• The therapist focuses on the client's upper body
• Helps relax muscles and relieve stress in a short period of time
15 Mins $15